Our Story

“Your website is such a shining light for us non-profits… thank you for giving us some coverage and letting us show off our important work.”

That testimonial from “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Oregon validates our passion for honoring the work of local charities.

Society Page LLC has been operating in Portland, Oregon since 2011, and is an early leader in providing news coverage of the 501C3 community.  The business is focused on strengthening our communities by ensuring that 501C3 agencies are able to efficiently foster relationships with key stakeholders through our free digital marketing platform.  Our inaugural website is www.PortlandSocietyPage.com, and since inception, we’ve published over 1,500 stories and have had over half a million page views.

We are now embarking on the next stage of our journey to support 501C3 agencies.  Our goal is to pioneer the availability of highly curated “real-time” social experiences for readers interested in participating or supporting non-profit organizations.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like to explore our new services.
Elisa Klein, Editor and Publisher: elisa@societypage.net, 503-312-2292